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Elshahba Drugs Company



Elshahba Drugs Company was founded in 2003 and works in the field of importing and distributing medicines, supplements, medical equipment, oral and dental care products, pharmaceutical products and cosmetic products.



Providing high quality products to lead the Sudanese market in the field of public health in all preventive and therapeutic aspects.



Spreading health awareness by promoting and making a better standard of life based on mutual interests with concern over social responsibility.



  1. Widespread coverage at the region and customers segment levels.
  2. Covering a large area of the Sudan market through the company's offices deployed in all states.
  3. Defining the consumers with the company's products through a special professional team.
  4. Delivering high quality products that can be obtained.
  5. Concern to maintain the market by increasing customer segments via CRM.
  6. Localizing and building partnerships with agents to settle the industry within long and medium term.



  1. Elshahba company is an exclusive agent for importing and distributing SANOTACT supplements; German products company, and Gimpson Canadian products.
  2. Also, Bionime devices for blood sugar testing with its accessories.
  3. As well as, Microlife; Swiss company, for blood pressure gauges, thermometers and Stethoscope.
  4. Also, Medtech; Indian company, for personal health devices, such as nebulizers and air mattresses.
  5. In addition to Lion; Japanese company (Indonesian origin), for brushes and toothpaste.
  6. And, Tirsa; Swiss company, for toothbrush products and teeth, hair and oral care products of high quality.


Company Achievements

  1. The company is committed to open credits (Confirmed LC) to beneficiaries and companies, in 2020 the amount exceeded USD 4M.
  2. The number of employees of Elshahba Company is 43 employees.
  3. The company has a transport and distribution fleet within Khartoum state consisting of 12 minibuses for sales and distribution, and three large vehicles for wholesale markets.
  4. The company has 16 small transportation vehicles for medical staff and medical engineers in capital and other states.
  5. The company has contracts with distribution agents in various states of Sudan in order to distribute all the products of Elshahba Pharmaceuticals Agents.
  6. The company looking for medium and long-term strategy to get new agencies in all departments, and concentrate on training and specialization in public job performance.
  7. The company covers directly 70-80% of pharmacies in the Sudan market with up to 2,500 pharmacies in the capital and other states.
  8. The company has a number of stores with a total area of up to 600 square meters and it has Data Loggers.
  9. The company has special relations with the National Council of Medicines and Toxins through RA company which is responsible for registering and following up files with the National Council of Medicines and Toxins.

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